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It does not take a media specialist to see how many companies are paying for ads, especially on Google and Facebook. 

The media giants may use the information to select ads they think are aligned with the viewer’s interests. For example, if someone is researching new cars, it’s more useful to see ads featuring promotions from local car dealers than to see generic ads for furniture or a house listing 100 miles away. However, with Apple’s privacy laws that rolled out in 2021, there have been challenges in reporting, but we outsmart the system.

Pay-per-click, display, performance-max – oh my! Plaski’s team is Google Ad certified and checks your paid campaigns daily. We do not let poor-performing campaigns continue and waste your dollars. If something is underperforming, we are going to communicate it to you and switch up the campaign. Interested in learning more about Google and Paid Search Ads? Learn more

Google is the world's biggest search engine catering to
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of global searches.
Through paid ads,
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of users have found new products and services.

You will also have access to a live dashboard to watch your campaign’s performance. 

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