Emily McKnight holding her dog Greta

I’m Emily – Website Builder, Strategist, Marketing Nerd, Content Producer, Firefighter Wife, and Obsessed With Our Dog.

I’m also a huge fan of trying new restaurants with my husband as if we were food critics and people care about my opinion of their menu. However, I hate cheese so that makes for tricky situations.

I love marketing strategies for small businesses that are the exact opposite of boring and cookie-cutter. 

There is something gratifying about seeing all of the hard work come to fruition and the big ideas come to life with results.

The Facts

The truth is, right now, we’re stuck in a bit of a marketing snoozefest.

Strategies (or lack thereof) that are bland, uninteresting, and frankly not what you need for lead generation anyway. 

Website and Sales page copy. Social media content. Hype videos. Email Campaigns. You name it.

Not only have you and I noticed it, but your clients have started to notice it too. There is so much junk on the internet, forcing your clients to call whoever shows up first in their search results or using who their friends recommend. Who has that much time to research a plumber when their basement is flooding? They feel indifferent about brands and companies. Family-owned businesses are selling out to larger corporations. Attention spans are shortening with each passing new tech invention.

The good news is, with all of the uninteresting content, it makes room for something fresh and new. For you to have the upper hand and get ahead of your competitors by taking advantage of algorithms and pushing your brand with cutting-edge tools. A marketing strategy geared specifically towards your company’s growth.

BS you won't catch me saying

Emily McKnight walking german shepherd

I could tell you that you need to hire us as your marketing team…

But honestly, I hate when people make it seem like your business will fail, your life will fall apart, and you’ll be losing clients if you don’t invest in whatever they’re selling. 

So here's what I'll say instead —

When we work together, you aren’t just delegating a task you don’t have time for or don’t have the tools to execute. You’re bringing in experts who stay up-to-date on the latest tricks and tools, have years of experience in your target area, are LOCAL, dedicate their time to your paid ads watching every single dollar, and are skilled at taking your voice and turning it into words that actually get people to buy, book, call, and subscribe. 

So no, you don’t need us, but you’ll probably want us—and we want you, too!

There’s a special place in my heart for business owners who have been burned by advertising agencies in the past. Through transparency and open communication, we hope to rectify the sore spot that you might have towards trusting agencies with your hard-earned dollars. 


So you want to know how I got here, do ya? Let’s rewind.

It’s 2007 in Indiana. Gas was roughly $2.00 a gallon, but I was in 5th grade so it really didn’t affect me much. Umbrella by Rhianna was released that year. MySpace was alive and well. I became obsessed with customizing my page and starting shit with the “top friends” section within my fellow 11-year-old friend circle. 

I discovered photo manipulation and downloaded a free off-brand version of Photoshop in French. I, being an English-speaking adolescent, taught myself French to use my photo manipulating program until a couple of years later, discovered Adobe Photoshop. I had a cousin enrolled at Indiana University who helped me purchase a CD-ROM of Photoshop CS3 at her college bookstore for $17 in 2009. A life-long obsession was born. (Thank you, Tabitha!)

What is a Plaski?

I grew up in a construction family. If you’ve been around Indianapolis construction long enough, you might remember Indianapolis Electric Co., Inc., over on State Street from the 80’s-2015. If so, you’d be familiar with my family. Being a young girl growing up in a construction family helped me learn about different areas of contracting, especially when I was able to skip school and go to job sites across the Midwest.

My grandpa and his siblings grew up in a tiny town in Pulaski County, Kentucky. However, when my family talks about it, the “U” has never been included in the pronunciation, becoming “Plaski.” The family farm has always been my sacred getaway when I want away from Wifi, from crowds, and to be in wide open fields of the beautiful rolling hills that Kentucky offers. Everyone needs that type of escape to reset; a Plaski. 

We are blessed to spend our time helping small business owners in the Midwest and beyond, making sure their online presence shows off their genius, set them apart from others in their industry, make sure those looking for their services online actually find them, and build a voice that reflects who they are. 

Make no mistake the size of Plaski is by design. The larger marketing agencies have more inefficiencies, overhead, and money wasted for you as a business owner. 

Dream job?

That's an understatement.

Integrations And Partners

Each of our integration partners requires a significant amount of time and resources to engage and maintain a strong relationship. Our Digital Marketing Partners allow us to use the latest and greatest tools available to manage digital marketing campaigns. Data partners include data sources directly from client customer data to industry data used for market research.  

Digital Marketing Partners:

Data Partners:

Right now, someone is looking for your services.

Are they calling you or someone else?